The Voice In The Head                 

           The Huffington Post USA

''That was very good!!! 'Thinking without awareness is the dilemma of human existence.' Best line in the film.''


Official Selections:

19th Sarasota Film Festival, USA, 2017

34th Międzynarodowy Festival Filmów Mlodego Widza, Poland, 2016

14th Tallgrass Film Festival, USA, 2016​

13th Bahamas International Film Festival, Bahamas, 2016​

9th Vox Feminae Film Festival, Croatia, 2016​

15th San Diego International Film Festival, USA, 2016​

16th Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera, Italy, 2016​

22nd San Antonio Film Festival, USA, 2016​

12th HollyShorts Film Festival, USA, 2016​

14th Santa Cruz Film Festival, USA, 2016 

8th Leiden International Short Film Festival, Netherlands, 2016 

13th We Care Film Festival, India & Iran, 2016 

11th Omaha Film Festival, USA, 2016

22nd San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, USA, 2016

30th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA, 2015

3rd Reel Health International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2015 

6th Wimbledon International Shorts Film Festival, UK, 2015 

13th Monaco International Film Festival, France, 2015  

3rd Sunscreen Short Film Festival West, USA, 2015

21st Le Festival Cinérail, France, 2015 

23rd Raindance Film Festival, UK, 2015 (UK Premiere)  

6th Awareness Film Festival, USA, 2015  

22nd Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany, 2015 (European Premiere)

12th Global Peace Film Festival, USA, 2015  

19th Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2015 (World Premiere)

                             Stephen Fry

"Well I've seen it David, and I agree with you that Cyrus Trafford is indeed very very talented.


Terrific short. Beautifully shot, composed and performed. The question addressed is such a good one and the way the film deals with it will live with me for a long time. Thanks so much for letting me see it."


Awards & Nominations:


Shortlist: Zealous Emerge Film Prize, 2018

Longlist: BIFA Best British Short Film, 2016

Finalist: Best Short FilmSan Diego International Film Festival, 2016

Finalist: Best Short FilmBahamas International Film Festival, 2016

Runner Up: Drama Category, Zamoxis Short Film Showcase, 2016

Winner: Grand Prize for Best Film of the Festival, The Reel Health International Shorts Film Festival, 2015

Winner: Stage 32 Short Film Contest, Raindance Film Festival, 2015 

Winner: Best Screenplay, Monaco International Film Festival, 2015 

Winner: Best Newcomer, Monaco International Film Festival, 2015 

Nominated: German Independence Award Best Short Film, Oldenburg International Film Festival, 2015 

Nominated: Best Film, Wimbledon International Shorts Film Festival, 2015 

Nominated: Best London Film-maker, Wimbledon International Shorts Film Festival, 2015

Nominated: Audience Award, Wimbledon International Shorts Film Festival, 2015 




       Roxie Nafousi, MarieClaire UK

"I thought this was a beautifully shot film with such a powerful and thought provoking message. To me, it highlighted that mental health is not black or white, there is a spectrum where each one of us sits somewhere along it."


          Forbes Magazine

"Cyrus - that was great! Excellent Job!"


                        The Daily Mail

"Very atmospheric, enjoyed the way it knitted together.

Lovely slow lingering shots, too, and transitions between scenes."


                  Namaste Publishing

"I really like the film. Well done. Will forward it to Eckhart!"


                  Eckhart Tolle's Agent

''I think the film is excellent. I will bring it to Eckhart's attention immediately and see if there is anything we can do to help promote it. ''


   Otto Bathurst, BAFTA Winning Director

           ''It's beautifully put together. Congratulations!'


Non-Festival Screenings:


Zamoxis Short Film Showcase (Santa Monica, USA) 2016

Opening the 31st Mental Health Week (Victoria, Australia) 2016

Szczecin University (Szczecin, Poland) 2016

BAFTA (London, UK) 2015

Indie Gear Film Night (London, UK) 2015


           Chelsea Hettrick, Oprah Winfrey Network

                  ''A Lovely and wonderfully produced short film.''


              Marina Bailey, Publicist

''Congratulations on your short film. I really enjoyed it.''




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Zamoxis Short Film Showcase

                 Richard Botto, CEO of Stage 32

"You made an beautiful and interesting film Cyrus. Enjoyed it thoroughly!"


             Anna Williamson, Channel 5

"A hugely thought provoking film, a wonderful example of how we should all empathise and help in destigmatising mental health issues - after all, we all have mental health, just some of us need a little more support from time to time."                   

                    Dr. Palwasha Ahad, Ph.D 

''That was beautiful. You captured those inner conversations that are so important about the workings of mental health so well. Thank you for sharing.''


                            Sane Charity 

''This was a very moving film, thank you so much for sharing with us and well done on it's success!''


                                                                           Hache L Jones, French Critic

''Thank you so much. This is a very interesting piece and one which rings a lot of bells for me. From the outset, it started to remind me of something I couldn't quite persuade to come to the forefront of my memory but by the end of the film, I'd remembered it.

It reminded me of a very famous paper by R P Bentall which influenced me greatly as a student. The paper was called "A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder." Many people thought it a joke but there was a serious message behind it i.e. that one cannot possibly define psychiatric disorder if there is no reference to values.


Your film is saying much the same thing and demonstrating it in a very real and accessible way. A young girls mutters a couple of words to herself in the bathroom and already she is attracting strange looks.


You said that it was based on a story by Eckhart Tolle. Can you tell me which one?


I liked your piece very much - thought provoking, as all your work is, and handled in a superbly sensitive way. Well done - and thanks for letting me see it.''