September 2016          

28th September 2016

Nice mention in the Press Release for the MIA Cinema Co-Production Market in Rome where our project 'Mujō' was chosen from the Capalbio Future StoryTellers Lab that we took part in this summer.



12th September 2016

'The Voice in the Head' will be playing at the 14th Tallgrass Film Festival (USA) on 14th October at 8.45pm.

It will be playing in the 'Fantastic: Bizarre Shorts' programme.

8th September 2016

As always, some incredible talent will be present at the Festa del Cinema di Roma at the end of October. There will however also be some lesser known names present...

Other than being mentored by Colin Trevorrow, the Future Storyteller Lab of the Capalbio International Film Festival also offered the opportunity for one of the six international projects to be 'chosen to attend MIA, the International Audiovisual Market of the Rome Film Festival, providing the opportunity to meet new partners and obtain a significant boost on the international market'.

Cyrus Trafford and John Hörnschemeyer are thrilled to announce that we have just been informed that our project Mujo has been given that honour!

Roma here we come!®-tom-hanks-e-meryl-streep-incontreranno-il-pubblico-all

4th September 2016


'The Voice in the Head' has been chosen as the first film to open the 15th San Diego Film Festival in terms of short film programmes.