SEPTEMBER 2014                    


28th September 2014


We are happy to announce that the M2M Promo has got into the Meet (Movie for European Education and Training) Film Festival in Italy. u





21st September 2014


We are pleased to announce the M2M Promo has been selected to play at the 'Film in Fashion' event this Wednesday 24th September.

Guest speakers include former Esquire Fashion Editor Gareth Scourfield and Editor of Fashion & Culture magazine PHOENIX, Hannah Kane:




20th September 2014


Cyrus wrapped on the 5th Day of shooting for his latest short film 'The Voice in the Head.' It was his biggest shoot to date with 30 extras, and a total of cast and and crew of around 50. It was an extremely well planned and subsequently executed  shoot.


This was also the first time Cyrus worked with a VFX Artist on set which presented itself with a whole new dimension to film-making.




9th September 2014


'Game Over' makes the Official Selection for the Tallinn Film Festival in Estonia.

It was the only film from the UK to make their Official Selection. It screens on saturday in Tallinn.