Preferential Treatment                 

Project Status:  Script Development



Melissa, single mother of Mexican origin, fights for her six-year-old son affected by leukemia. A social drama in San Francisco 2019, tied to the disruption of healthcare, new therapies and immigration issues. Written by S. Lampaert. "Preferential Treatment" is a striking and stirring drama with a topical premise and an empathetic lead, this is an important story worth telling.



Director - Samuel Lampaert

Story by Samuel Lampaert

Screenwriters - Samuel Lampaert & Cyrus Trafford (Staff Writer)


Project Details: 

Samuel Lampaert is an award-winning director whose last short film 'The Wall' was nominated for the Best Short Film at the European Film Awards in 2016. Both Samuel and Cyrus were both selected as part of the Capalbio Future StoryTellers Lab in 2016 where they were mentored by Colin Trevorrow (director of Jurassic World and the upcoming Star Wars Episode 9).