NOVEMBER 2014                    


20th November 2014


Trailer for Wedding Video CEO Cyrus Trafford Directed for Placebo Band Member Steve Forrest and his wife Xarah Forrest.

Production Company rKive Productions:






17th November 2014


'Game Over' has made the Official Selection for the 14th Annual Aakruti Film Festival in India.

It has been selected in the International Category for Live Action Short.





14th November 2014


The M2M Promo has been selected for the Nikon European Film Festival in conjunction with Raindance.

Feel free to Vote for it if you like it.





12th November 2014


Festival Guide released for the 4th Edition of the VOFF Film Festival.

'I'm Christian Okoli' is on page 44.





7th November 2014


Cyrus Trafford, Director's Statement for 'Game Over' for London Short Film Festival:

Director Statement
“I woke up weary eyed after a big night out for my friend’s birthday to what sounded like a car crash. Little did I know, that I had actually woken up on my friend’s couch, having slept in an awkward position that most advanced Yoga Instructors would be terrified of. Once I acclimatised to my new surroundings, I noticed he was playing the new GTA5 Game on the Xbox. This was the first time I had come into direct contact with the game. Up until this point, GTA5 was so rare to get your hands on; news reporters were comparing it to the Holy Grail in ‘Indiana Jones.’

What struck me about the game straight away wasn’t the allure of Strip Clubs within the virtual environment (OK they were a bit tempting :P) or the fact that you could have the potential financial resources that Donald Trump could only dream of (now I am damn right lying), but it was the sheer violence of it!

As I am quite a sensitive person, I really couldn’t watch parts of the game where my friend was literally just beating the crap out of the other characters. I couldn’t believe how callous one could be in a virtual setting, even when the particular mission within the game didn’t require it! I started to quiz my friend about the game like a Detective in a Film Noir Movie, but instead of buying him drinks, I was buying him lives in the game.

When I finally made that long arduous journey home that evening (a whole 5minutes walk down the road I'll have you know), the idea for the Short that lies before you came to me. The Detective was now very much awake from the Film Noir and had been thrown head first into the Boxing Gym, or otherwise known as ‘Pre-Production.’ The Pre-Production for this Film was like no other I had ever worked on. From drinking raw egg yolk to extensive game creation, research and development.

Before we knew it, the day of the shoot dawned upon us, like a Fight in Madison Square Gardens. Months of Testing, Rehearsals, even ‘skipping’ I have you know came down to one day, one moment. The crowd took their seats (Camera, Lights, Sound etc.) The announcer for the fight (our 1st AD), read off the rules of the ‘bout’ before a single punch was thrown (frame was shot.) The fighters (actors) were in their respective corners ready to commence battle. The referee for the match (The Director) blew on his whistle (Action) and the rest is history….”




4th November 2014


The program has now been released for top LGBT Film Festival in Serbia, Merlinka.

'I'm Christian Okoli' will be played on the 15th December.




3rd November 2014


Superb pre-lim sound design/mix meeting at Top Sound Post House GCRS for 'The Voice in the Head.'




1st November 2014


Another V/O Session with Lead Actress Charlotte Luxford for new Short Film "The Voice in the Head."