MINNESOTA MOON                   



A Segment of John Olive's Award Winning Play "Minnesota Moon." A one acter about two high school chums drinking beer and saying good-bye, the night before one leaves for college. It’s 1968 and Vietnam looms. Funny and very sweet.


The Play premiered at Circle Repertory in NYC (starring Jeff Daniels). Since then the play has received hundreds of productions, at the Edinburgh Festival, London’s KingsHead, BoarsHead, etc.

   John Olive, The Playwright of Minnesota Moon

"Cyrus. Excellent! I really enjoyed the film. Outstanding acitng, nicely shot, (it's amazing what they can do with digital video these days,) focused. Both Actors play the combination of the casual situation vs the charged emotionality of the play. Nice selection also; it works as a complete short film. Many thanks for your terrific work."


         Otto Bathurst, Bafta Winning Director

"This is a very unusual and very special piece. You have a Great Vision. It's impressively acted. Beautifully shot and a brave undertaking. Rare to see stuff like this these days. Bravo to you all."


     Grahame Humphreys, Poster Designer for Old Boy

"Would love to see an extended version. I was reminded of the Deer Hunter - no bad thing! Really liked the final moments. Look forward to the next one. Hope you get a full feature."


                              The Daily Mail

"Enjoyed it. Very atmospheric. Liked the Close ups, choice of shots."


                      Hache L Jones, Film Critic (France)

"Just loved Minnesota. I watched it twice because I felt it was one of those pieces that merits a second a go just to make sure none of the nuiances were missed. It was even better second time round. Profoundly moving - and left me wanting to see more. I love your work."


           Pablo Cuevas, Film Critic (Mexico)

"I can honestly say this is one of the Best Short Films I've seen in a while. The way I see it, this is the most personal work of Trafford."