May 2016          

26th May 2016

Logan Walker, Director of Programming at the Santa Cruz Film Festival on the 'If you Find Me" shorts programme:


"The program is made up of narrative shorts that the festival programmers and I found to be the most moving of the year, particularly in their scenes of discovery and revelation."

The Voice in the Head has been chosen to open this shorts programme on June 4th!


18th May 2016

'The Voice in the Head' will be screening next at the 14th Santa Cruz Film Festival, USA.

We play on Saturday June 4th in the 'If You Find Me' programme of Shorts at 2.30pm.

3rd May 2016


'Game Over' came in at 6th Place at the FinPret Film Festival in Paris.

It is a film festival that promotes the preventative healthcare for students and is produced by the health services of Paris Sorbonne.