TV Screenings:

Novella Short Film Showcase - Comcast Channel 16, SKY - USA, 2014


Awards & Nominations:

Nominated: Longlisted In Short Film Festival 2014

Winner: Award of Excellence - IFFSRV International Film Festival 2013


                                    The Daily Mail

"I like the structure of seeing the same faces go through different stages of emotion - absorbing."


Official Selections:


10th International 100 Second Film Festival - Iran, 2016

South Eastern Film Festival - USA, 2015

Now or Never International Film Festival - Spain, 2015

Nikon European Film Festival (in conjunction with Raindance) - France, 2014

The MEET Film Festival - Italy, 2014

The Film Festival with Values - Mexico, 2014

In Short Film Festival - France, UK, 2014

NightPiece Media Film Festival - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK, 2014

IFFSRV International Film Festival, Indonesia, 2014

Tiger Paw Shorts Film Festival, India, 2013

The Reel Health International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2013

Clare Valley Film Festival, Australia, 2013


                The Huffington Post USA

"Extreme emotions in life. Yes, "this is life." Great Stuff!"


Otto Bathurst, Bafta Winning Director

        "It's beautiful. Super Cool. Bravo to you all."


Non-Festival Screenings:


Fashion in Film - London Fashion Week (London, UK) 2014

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum (Exeter, UK) 2014

Persian American Talent Organisation Gathering (Los Angeles, USA) 2013

                              The Huffington Post UK

"Nicely Directed Short Film by Cyrus Trafford. I think we all have days like this."




Scotty Myers, Script Writer of Feature Film Hit K-9 starring James Belushi:


Turnabout Media Press Release:




                                         Tiger Aspect

"It is lovely. Very Potent!"



"It's Brilliant!"


Peter Warner, President of Bananna Republic

                            "This is powerful, nice work!"


                                      The LA Times

"It's very powerful in black and white. Good choice, rather than in color."


Tom Van Avermaet, 2013 Oscar Nominated Director

                     "Nice Job! Good Luck with your future projects!"