January 2016




27th January 2016


The "European Diversity Awards 2015" video Directed by Cyrus was released today online. Check out the link below!






19th January 2016


'The We are pleased to say that 'The Voice in the Head' was extremely well received at Szczecin University last week, with the Professor Pasquale Policastro having the following to say:‪

"Your film was received in an extremely positive way from my students. Could we speak this week? Please receive my congratulations and the ones of my students. If you hear on the phone from your main protagonist actress, please send on behalf of the students and of mine, our best congratulations too."





11th January 2016


It's with huge honour we can say that distinguished Professor Pasquale Policastro has requested to play 'The Voice in the Head' to his class (220 students) tomorrow at Szczecin University.Szczecin University is situated in Poland, 150km from Berlin and 100km from the Baltic Sea.

Pasquale has a very strong track record in Human Rights and holds such responsibilities such as being the chair of the Department of European Union Law at the Catholic University of Lublin.He will be playing the film in tomorrows module on 'Human Dignity and Mental Disease.'