JANUARY 2014                    

31st January 2014


Reminder: "I'm Christian Okoli" will be screening at the Aubin Cinema at Shoreditch House tomorrow at 4.30pm.






30th January 2014


La Luna Productions, the Official Sales Agent for "I'm Christian Okoli" will be taking the Film next week as part of it's Official Catalogue to the 36th Annual International Clermont Short Film Festival.


They will be at the Film Market all week at the Unifrance Stand.






24th January 2014


We can officially announce that the Worldwide Distribution Rights for "I'm Christian Okoli" has been acquired by the French Powerhouse Short Film Sales Agent, La Luna Productions.


La Luna Productions are now the Official Sales Agent for the Film and they have included "I'm Christian Okoli" in their Official Line up for the Clermont Film Festival.





23rd January 2014


We are happy to announce that "I'm Christian Okoli" has been selected for the SixSixty Short Film Screening Event next Saturday at the Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch House.


Bafta Nominated Director Benjamin Johns will be speaking at the event which starts at 4.30pm






21st January 2014


"I'm Christian Okoli" has been selected for the Lets all be Free Film Festival.






21st January 2014


Reminder: Cyrus Trafford will be a Juror at The Shorts on Tap Event tonight in Shoreditch, London.

Address: 134-135 Shoreditch High Street, London. E1 6JE




18th January 2014


Rick Arnold, The Head of the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences from Elmhurst College in illinois in America messaged Cyrus Trafford the following:


"An important part of my class is discussing the fact that although a playwright writes a play set in a particular time and place, and in fact writes it at a given time, however, when it is produced, the director of the production (whether film or live stage) may have a different view on the piece because the times, mores, and public point of view are different.

Presuming the goal of the production is to affect the audience in some fashion or at the very least make the story being told relevant to the audience, what about Minnesota Moon drew you to the script and why did you choose to create the film in the way you did?

We are planning to read the play, discuss it in terms of its original era, and the late 1970's when John wrote it. We will also then discuss the play in terms of its modern day relevance-whether it can be relevant to a modern audience.

Finally, I would like them to see your film and discuss what you see in the script and how you told the story that you found there. Your input would be most valuable."






18th January 2014


The Head of the Department of Art at Elmhurst College in Illinois in America, will be showing Minnesota Moon to his students on the "Development of Theatre" course as they are studying Minnesota Moon.






17th January 2014


The Playwright of Minnesota Moon, John Olive, shares our Film on his website.






15th January 2014


"Crumbs" has made the Official Selection for The Cluj Shorts International Film Festival in Romania.






15th January 2014


Mexican Film Critic, Pablo Cuevas reviews Minnesota Moon and gives it a 4.5/5 Star Rating.






14th January 2014


"I'm Christian Okoli" is published in The Gays Times UK.






13th January 2014


New Poster released for I'm Christian Okoli.




2nd January 2014


New Poster released for Minnesota Moon.