I'M CHRISTIAN OKOLI                     

Awards & Nominations:

Nominated: Best Film - Merlinka International Queer Film Festival 2014

Winner: Best Film - The Lab Film Festival 2013

Winner: Best Drama - The Lab Film Festival 2013

Winner: Audience Award - The Lab Film Festival 2013

Winner: British Filmmaker of the Month - B.F.A July 2013

Winner: British Actor of the Month - B.F.A - August 2013

Nominated: Your Voice Award - The Reel Health International Short Film Festival 2013

Nominated: Grass Roots Award - Van d'Or Awards 2013

                     20th Century Fox

"Powerful Message and Great use of Cinematography. "


                   The Independent 

               "Very, very Powerful and Moving."

                    Tiger Aspect

             "Thank You so much Cyrus!"

Official Selections:


Kreives Vilnius LGBT Film Festival, Lithuania, 2016

Encontros Internacionais de Cinema Fantàstico e de Horror do Cartaxo, Portugal, 2015

International Peace & Film Festival, USA, 2015

Meta Queer-Festival, Russia, 2015

Art Film Festival, Cannes - France, 2015

NonStop Film Festival, Germany, 2014

Viewster Online Film Festival (VOFF), Worldwide, 2014

Merlinka International Queer Film Festival, Serbia, 2014

Lets All Be Free Film Festival, UK, 2014

Landed Film Festival, UK, 2014

Top 100 Pieces of Art in London 2013

The Lab Film Festival, UK, 2013

The Reel Health International Short Film Festival, Australia, 2013

Cannes in a Van, France, 2013
East End Film Festival, UK, 2013

The Hackney Wicked Art Festival, UK, 2013

The Last Refuge Film Festival, UK, 2013


                                                   Film 4 

 "I’m Christian Okoli is really powerful. Congratulations on the well-deserved awards."


"Powerful stuff. Well crafted, suspenseful. Very well shot."

Daily Star on Sunday 

"Very Powerful. Well done Cyrus!"

Non-Festival Screenings:


The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum (Exeter, UK) 2014

Fam Jam Event (Mumbai, India) 2014

RAVE LATE, at Ravensbourne University (London, UK)  2014

SixSixty Short Film Night (London, UK) 2014

'Shorts on Tap' (London, UK) 2013

'Showreel Short Film Night' (London, UK) 2013

Assistant Directors Association (London, UK) 2013

Persian American Talent Organisation Gathering (Los Angeles, USA) 2013

National Citizens Service (Hertfordshire, UK) 2013



                    Discovery Channel

 "I Love it, Love it, Love it! It's raw. We need more of this."

                        LGBT Rights

"That was absolutely brilliant Cyrus! So hard-hitting."

                  Universal Music Group

     "That was pretty deep. Nice. Absolutely Great Piece."

"Top 100 Pieces of Art" - London 2013


The Gay Times UK:  



Rich Cline, Chair on the London Film Critics Circle (UK):



Pablo Ceuvas Film Critic (Mexico):



  Peter Thatchell, Head of LCGBTI Freedom

 "Arresting, thought-provoking, moving and challenging. Great Acting & Filming. A Powerful Message delivered in style."

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