Shorts International HD - 2015


                The Actors Comedy Studio L.A

                "Awesome Short!!!!! Just watched! BRAVO!!!!!"


Awards & Nominations:

2nd Place: Best Director for a Short Film - The Action on Film International Film Festival 2014

3rd Place: Best Actress for a Short Film - The Action on Film International Film Festival 2014
Finalist: Best Film - Set the Scene Competition 2014


 CineMe - 2014 Finalist

'Set the Scene Competition.'

Official Selections:


Cannes Short Film Corner, France, 2014

Mumbai Women's International Film Festival , India, 2014

Sarasota Film Festival, USA, 2014

Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival, USA, 2014

The Action on Film International Film Festival, USA, 2014

WAAM International Film Festival, USA, 2014

Grace Film Festival, USA, 2014

Cluj International Short Film Festival, Romania, 2014


         The Huffington Post USA

"That was fun. I liked it. Was just reading more of your history. You are quite accomplished. Well done. Follow your passions always."


                                  The Daily Mail

"Really liked the use of silence, and the end caught me nicely off balance."


Non-Festival Screenings:


Giddy Aunts Short Film Night (London, UK) 2016

Hackney Picture House Cinema (London, UK) 2015

Giddy Aunts Short Film Night (London, UK) 2014

SixSixty Short Film Night (London, UK) 2014




                Euroscript Screenwriters Organisation

                                      "Fab! Nice pay-off too."


                                  Marcey Kruger, Australian Film Critic



        Otto Bathurst, Bafta Winning Director

"It's a gorgeous film. Huge congratulations. You have directed it with great confidence and grace. Your pacing is delicious and she gives a fabulous performance. It is a terrific piece. Extremely accomplished. You should be very proud. A small, and beautiful gem."


                Rhett Barlett, Australian Film Critic

"It's quite sweet. The lead actress has a great sense of realism to her performance. She is a keeper."


                Richard Hogan, UK Film Critic

"Hi Cyrus: This should do well for you on the fest circuit. Though I personally hoped for a crueler "reveal", it's short, sweet and well acted. I like the casting too; you've managed to put together a couple that feels very unconventionally real. Keep me posted on screenings. Rh"


                Peter Osmond, UK Film Critic

""I actually really liked it. The Sorry made of crumbs was a really neat ending. It was really well shot as well. I got a comical vibe from the whole crumbs scenario but it's the underlying relationship problems that are the most effective. I have to say, i really liked thoe bedside lamps."


             Nicholas Pinnock, Captain America

"Well done. I liked the simplicity of the shots. The lingering was great. The cinematography was very good. The editing was great and sound was quality. Your directing was clean and to the point. You told the story. Nice work."



                Caley Powell, UK Casting Director

"I really enjoyed that! Kristians always telling me off for leaving crumbs in the bed so it struck a chord with me."


                WAAM Internation Film Festival

           We loved the film and look forward to showing at WAAM."