AUGUST 2014                    


29th August 2014


Crumbs screens at the Ritzy tommorrow evening as part of the Giddy Aunts event in conjunction with SixSixty. The event will be celebrating female directors, producers and writers.




25th August 2014


Cyrus Directed the Wedding Video for Placebo Band Member Steve Forrester. This was a challenging shoot as three different cameras were used and one of them had a different sensor size. They were the RED Scarlet, BMCC 4K and the Panasonic GH4. The Wedding Video was shot in 4K UHD at 25fps.


Some of the challenges faced on the shoot were a) that we operated with a skelton crew and there were 4 separate locations not walking distance away from eachother which meant that the base had to be moved each time. Furthermore this wasn't a typical conventional wedding which meant that we had to be on our toes a lot more. However the video is in Post now and we really look forward to seeing the results as there was some fantastic shots on the day.



3rd August 2014


V/O wrapped with Lead Actress Charlotte Luxford for 'The Voice in the Head.'